The Handytech Gallery

Here are some of the things I remembered to photo before shipping them… Firstly some of our most popular items – the Lords Prayer crosses. I have designed crosses worded in Traditional 1662, 1772, 1928 and 1988 wordings as well as Catholic traditional and 2019 versions – take a look at my Christiancrafts website and check them out.

Crosses, Prayers and Psalms

The work isn’t done when the laser has cut out the cross. The painstaking manual job of poking out the little pieces that don’t simply fall out takes a while, then there is cleaning away any residue from the face of the cross, applying finish and cutting & assembling the custom stand. If the cross is to be mounted on slate, the jigs have to be prepared to ensure that the slate and cross are bonded accurately. The crosses, complete with wall hanging kit, range from £25 to £38 – If you’d like to know more about the them please feel free to call or email me. They make a perfect Christian gift and look great in Homes, Offices, Churches, workshops, meeting rooms – anywhere that Christians gather. Our shop on our sister site has a lot of detail and you can place orders directly on there.

You can also view them on Facebook Pages @handytechkeith and @christiancraftskeith

Promotional gifts and wooden business cards

You business card says more about you than your credit card does – a good card needs a WOW! factor. We design and produce cards in 0.8mm beech plywood – that is same thickness as a credit card but a world away in terms of impact on the recipient. Everyone does a double take when given one.

I have permission to feature these three cards (one is mine of course). The owners are delighted with them. I designed the cards personally and the featured “cut out” is something unique to the owner of the card. Checkout the delicacy of the webbing in the Treble Clef cut out on the Singing For Fun card.

What do you do with the Business Christmas cards you receive – you bin them in January. Christmas “seasons greetings” email? deleted unread usually . Why not give something bespoke -personalised to your company that they will want to keep – how about an ecologically friendly cork coaster – designed with your logo and details cut / etched into it. – Just think. Every time the pick up their cup of tea – there you are. The gift that goes on giving.

Keyrings and Gizmos

The problem with leather patches has always been the issue of sewing them on. We put a row of laser cut holes around the edge so sewing the patch on is simple. We can etch almost any monochrome graphic and words making the patch truly unique – not a mass produced item like everyone else’s. Your Pub, Club, Team, Event, Slogan, Logo whatever can be etched into quality leather in any number – the more you order the cheaper it gets. We make some great little boxes, a holder for business cards, Christian and themed keyrings. Fun signs such as our famous freestanding “All visitors must be approved by the cat / dog signs – lovely little presents for the family.

We are also quite involved in digital art digital art – etching of beautiful designs into etch-able materials – wood and slate being the most common. We produce beautiful pictorial mementos of pets, people and places on slate using some incredibly clever software from America to make a picture into an engraving – check out the next gallery -Slates.


Slate is an interesting medium to work with – a natural resource that lasts lifetimes. We produce souvenirs of events, awards, pictures of pets, places and people that people can treasure as lasting mementos – complete with custom wooden stands. Slate lends itself to all sorts of jobs – signs made of slate for example – everything from Open / Closed signs for shops to direction signs for rural estates – here are just a few examples.

Business Signs

Working with acrylic is an exacting science – fortunately the laser is is an exacting machine and producing business signs is well within our capabilities – we’ve produced wooden and acrylic business signs

Stencils and Stickers

Jumping from engraving a slate to cutting stencils or stickers (made of vinyl not PVC which produces Chlorine when cut on a laser) is easy.

From the credit card sized bitmap image supplied by Two Guys Deli, we produced a vector graphics file which can be blown up to any size without loss of quality. We used that file to create stencils laser cut out of Polypropylene. Two guys’ decorators used them to spray paint their logo and strap line onto wooden surfaces inside their shop (note the carefully edited image and text so that the middles didn’t fall out of glasses and letters). The things you can do with a laser and good design software never fail to amaze me…

The Chatsworth Centre Our lovely local theatre, had an issue with people walking into the floor to ceiling windows and glass doors thinking that they were open when they weren’t… Handytech were commissioned to produce some window stickers based on the theatre logo to fit to the glass doors so that it was obvious which were closed – without being obtrusive. The frosted glass effect looks great. The logo was originally drawn some time ago and wasn’t i vector graphics file – we recreated it. for them.

Isn’t the diversity amazing? From Bikers leather patches to window safety stickers to business stencils – whatever next? Watch this space…

Fun signs, boxes and business awards

A poor life this if, full of care ,we have no time to stand and stare… We all like a bit of fun so we are developing a range of signs that are just that. Fun.

Check these out. See how in the cat and dog signs the letters are cut right through the wood and yet the middles (like in the O and a) stay in – clever that isn’t it. There are wedding platters. The Plug and Socket stencil was designed by Paul Cooper at id-a we are very open to working with other people’s designs.

The Golf awards I designed and made for free for Treetops Hospice – a worthy cause. The the winning team in the Charity golf match were delighted to receive them.

Everything I make is for sale. Just contact me for a price and delivery. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.